Hon. Okojie urges urgent action on dilapidated Ewu-Uromi-Agbor and Auchi-Ewu-Benin highways
Member representing Esan North East/Esan South East Federal Constituency, Hon. Prince Henry Odianosen Okojie, has brought the attention of the Federal Government to the deplorable state of the Ewu-Uromi-Agbor and Auchi-Ewu-Benin federal highways.
During Thursday’s plenary session in the House of Representatives, the legislator raised concerns about the deteriorating condition of these important transportation routes and proposed urgent measures to address the situation.
Okojie emphasized the need for immediate action and urged the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, as well as the Federal Emergency Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA), to undertake palliative repairs on the failed portions of the highways.
He said the aim is to alleviate the hardships faced by commuters and reduce traffic congestion caused by poor road conditions.
According to him, urgent repairs would help improve safety and ensure smoother travel experiences for motorists and other road users.
In addition to short-term repairs, Okojie called on the Federal Ministry of Works to allocate sufficient funds in the 2024 Budget Estimates for the completion of comprehensive works on both the Ewu-Uromi-Agbor and Auchi-Ewu-Benin Federal Highways.
He noted that adequate funding would enable the execution of necessary construction and maintenance activities, ultimately leading to the complete restoration of these vital transportation arteries.
To ensure accountability and progress, Okojie mandated the Committee on Works, once constituted, to oversee the implementation of the proposed actions. The committee will monitor the repairs, funding allocation, and overall progress in addressing the infrastructure challenges along the highways.
A comprehensive report will be presented to the House within four weeks, facilitating further legislative actions as necessary.
The plight of the Ewu-Uromi-Agbor and Auchi-Ewu-Benin Federal Highways has been a longstanding concern for the communities relying on these routes.
Okojie’s plea to the Federal Government emphasizes the urgency of the situation and highlights the need for immediate repairs and adequate funding to improve the road conditions.
By addressing these infrastructure issues, the government can enhance transportation efficiency, promote road safety, and uplift the quality of life for the residents and travellers who depend on these crucial highways.

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