Stable agriculture has always presented society with the ability to feed itself. Although, we must acknowledge that commodity prices have been on the high in recent years, compared to what they were in the past. To ensure that we ease the burden of purchase on these items that make stable living affordable for our population. We shall lease with the Ministry of Agriculture both State and Federal, to provide that which are modern-day farming practices, and techniques.


In leasing with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, both State, and Federal. We shall enact support programs for our farmers and growers. We shall implement this with the supervision of the Local Government Office, through the Supervisory Councilor on Agriculture within our constituent domain. We pray, to bring in Hybrid seedlings, fertilizers to produce better yield on the farming fields, and support the small-scale industry that is into the practice of animal rearing for consumption. And with inclusion, to providing agricultural extension workers, that can teach modern-day farming techniques and also how to store such harvest in a more advanced method.

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