Education has always been the bedrock of a strong society. We cannot overlook the quality of education, that has been given to our students and pupils in the various school, both primary and secondary within our constituent. We must chart a new focus, to seeing that our students and pupils, get the best, with regards to this. Education brings about empowerment and knowledge is that which is both shared and transferrable. Therefore, we must together work with our various schools, and see how we can build upon the weakness in these institutions of learning, as to afford that which will better the teaming youths, to lead the next generation.

Implementation:                                                                                                                                             Our educational support practice will be in line with the current policy of the administration. And from there, lend financial support, in the form of classroom stationaries, classroom infrastructure, and modern-day equipment to ease the practice of learning in our schools. We shall make the practice, of inter-school debate, to learn the process of leadership for our youth, so they can be better equipped for the challenges of the future.

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